Monday, January 17, 2011

Tricks to Losing Weight from a Luxury Weight Loss Spa

You don’t have to go to a Luxury Boot Camp to shed pounds, but taking some tips from their daily routines is not a bad way to get a jump start on your weight loss goals. One new luxury weight loss spa near Los Angeles, The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu, uses hiking as one of the primary calorie burners. Hiking… something most people actually enjoy doing. It turns out that 4-5 hours of hiking will burn nearly 2,000 calories. That is far more than most people can manage to burn doing the typical, old weight loss staples (jogging, treadmill, aerobics, etc). Generally, if all else stays the same in your diet and routine, 4-5 hours per week of hiking could contribute to as much as 1 pound of weight loss per week. Over a few months and you are looking at a pretty significant change.

Another key, of course, is calories consumption, and the quality of calories you are taking in. A friend who recently stayed that The Ranch at Live Oak gave me a little bit of a breakdown of the kinds of foods they ate, and the effect it had on her weight loss over a week stay. This individual is in pretty good shape to begin with, and did not have much in the way of weight to lose. Yet she managed to lose nearly 8 pounds in a week. A typical day consists of a diet of approximately 1,500 calories, which is well below the BMI for most people, but the foods consists of high energy items like quinoa, nuts, fruits and vegetables. The entire diet was vegan with the exception of eggs from the hens at The Ranch.

As simple as it sounds, that is it. Increase your exercise with smart activities that you won’t get burnt out on, and eat a healthy, low calorie diet, and pounds will shed. For more information on the Ranch at Live Oak you can check out their website at Fitness retreat. To learn more about how many calories you are burning doing a wide variety of activities check out the calorie calculator at Weight Loss camp.