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Two Forgotten Exercises Guaranteed to Add Inches of Pure Button Poppin Muscle to Your Pecs--Fast

Two Forgotten Exercises Guaranteed to Add Inches of Pure Button Poppin Muscle to Your Pecs--Fast by Leonard Rogalski

You stare on in amazement as the resident big guy at your gym blasts out yet another set of reps in the bench with 400 on the bar. His chest is massive, full, and totally developed, and yet when you try loading up on the plates what do you get from your efforts, nothing but bigger triceps and front delts.

If this sounds like you, or you simply need a break from benching, come along and get ready to grow!

The flat bench press in-and-of itself, while not a bad exercise, pales in comparison to the incline bench press.


Truthfully it comes down to a number of things, first unlike the flat bench, the incline press requires stricter form which helps prevent injuries, second, it works those all important upper pecs, which ranks up there with the most neglected of body parts, and third, the incline press carries over far greater on the athletic field than does the flat bench press.

O.K. if you thought the first exercise came out of left field wait until you see this one!

Barbell pullovers or more to the point, deep breathing pullovers.

Believe it or not, before the flat bench press came on the scene, the pullover was one of the main upper exercises all of the top bodybuilders did. Really, I'm surprised this exercise dropped out of favor as it works the chest, stretches the rib cage (in my opinion), works the triceps and the lats.

However, for me, its magic come from its rib cage stretching effects, tons of people believe you cannot stretch the rib cage and yet other people believe you can.

From my personal experience I believe you can stretch your rib cage.

This creates depth in your chest, so that when you turn sideways you won't automatically disappear.

Look at it this way, let's say you had a car and man did you ever take care of the outside of it, you waxed it everyday, and dents and dings, no way!

That's the outside, the inside and the engine, well they were terrible, do you think anyone would want to take a ride in your car?

Probably not.

Same goes for your chest, you can have massive pecs, but if you're interior (chest depth) does not exist, your chest will not look good from every angle, now you don't want that do you?


Super setting these two powerful mass builders works wonders. A super set, for those of you who might not know, simply means doing the exercises back to back with no or little rest.

To keep things simple, just try to start your set of pullovers as fast as possible after your set of incline presses.

Basically it would look like this: 1 set of incline presses followed as quickly as possible by a set of 20 reps of deep breathing pullovers.

You can do whatever number of reps you want on the incline press, but try and stick with 20 for the pullovers to give your rib cage a good stretch.


The incline press requires tighter form than the normal bench press, so stay smart, and start off light if you haven't done the lift, or maybe took a break from it for a while.

Also, for the pullovers, just try and take as deep a breath in-between each rep as you possibly can, and with the pullovers don't lock your elbows, you want your arms straight, just don't lock your arms out.

Between the incline press and the barbell pullover you have two additional exercises to add to your massive chest building tool kit.

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